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Pepp ART



What is PEPP ART?

PEPP ART is a new ART of very contemporary, stylish and uncomplicated dressing.

What's new about it?

A light travelling bag with 3 multifunctional combinable articles of clothing (dress, trouser suit and coat) can be put to versatile use by providing variable combinations of outer garments suitable for all occasions.

The novelty consists of a handbag set with three variously combinable, multifunctional modular basic forms of outer garments (1 long coat, 1 dress and 1 trouser suit ) + travel accessories.

These three garments are combinable and convertible into more than 100 models by integrated closures and the use of both sides of all pieces. The entire travelling bag with contents (approximately five kilos) is suitable as hand luggage. The garments are agreeable to the skin and wash-and-wear.


PEPP ART opens up an entirely new travel feeling: your otherwise elaborate travel preparations can be simplified or almost entirely omitted and you can save a great deal of time. Also the danger of taking along too many heavy things is elegantly avoided.

The product is ideal for all modern women who want to plan their time effectively and have the suitable outfit at hand for all occasions.
PEPP ART provides you decisive organisational assistance. Its diversity and numerous combination options provide you with the suitable dressing solution for the most diverse occasions.

PEPP ART makes the quick decisions of travel easy!

The invention is registered for patent. All rights of use reside with the creator and owner,
Gerlinde von Steht©®.