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Rowan Mersh




Rowan Mersh is a textile sculptor who explores form and fuses design with technique, emphasizing experimentation as the focus of his practice.
Mersh is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, the first to win the Mercury Art Prize, profiled in design magazines and featured on the cover of the acclaimed author’s book Fashioning Fabrics, which examined his alongside textile (fashion) icons Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan to mention a few.

Mersh’s work is process oriented, the work reveals itself within his practice, as it takes form and reveals shape depending on the emphasis and materials / focus du jour. His innovative fabrics that could equally be regarded as sculptures, have already been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum to be part of their permanent collection; his work has also been exhibited internationally in galleries and independent spaces. Most recently, during February 2007 London Fashion Week, Mersh’s sculptures/body pieces/oversized jewellery pieces have become sought after fashion items, being presented in a striking installation at Saville Row’s B Store.


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