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ashionUnited is the world’s leading business to business cross media fashion platform enabling fashion professionals and companies to make their activities more fun and efficient.
FashionUnited is an independent trade organization operating world wide, crossing borders and cultures, optimizing the industry’s way of working. Our activities are based on and driven by cross media services using opportunities this fast dynamic world offers. The main target is to make the fashion industry more fun and efficient by using the one-stop-shop services, including trade news, job databases, executive recruitment, directories, network tools, narrowcasting, e-business, e-markets and events.

Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI)

ANTWERP, Belgium
FFI stimulates entrepreneurship in the fashion industry in Flanders, promotes fashion from Flanders on the national and international scene.



Textination - Connecting the World of Textiles ...

Textination ist das vertikale Internetportal für die Textilwirtschaft.

Global Fiber, Textile and Clothing Market Information

Main Couture

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GER - Business Solutions

Le portail des professionnels du luxe

UK Fashion Exports (UKFE)

British Clothing Industry Association (BCIA) and UK Fashion Exports (UKFE) sit at the core of their market, working ceaselessly for the benefit of fashion, clothing and knitting businesses across the UK.


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