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Circular Economy Mapping Week

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the non-profit international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 60 countries. The CEC is headquartered in London, ran voluntarily, open to all and free to join via this online form.

The Circular Economy Mapping Week will take place from the 5-11 February 2018. During this week, volunteer organisers all over the world will set up group sessions to map the circular initiatives in their cities.
One of the challenges in implementing the circular economy framework is the need for more practical examples, to better understand what is working and what is not. The Mapping Week exists to gather as many examples as possible in an open online directory. This will be done collaboratively in 3hour-workshops for 20-30 people in different cities.

The Mapping Week has two objectives:

To bring together circular enthusiasts to discuss and learn about the latest circular initiatives happening in their cities; and
To map out circular initiatives taking place globally and make this information available online and free for all.
If we all map our cities, together we can map the world. The Mapping Week will help us all understand what is currently being done, what works and what else needs to be implemented to grow the circular framework. You can play an important part in this challenge.

For collaboration opportunities or further enquiries please email us at


f you are a circular enthusiast with an interest on attending a collaborative session to map circular initiatives taking place in your city. If you would like to participate in a global week and see an online directory of circular initiatives worldwide. This is your chance to join!

1. Find your city in the list below
2. Write to to reserve your place
3. Join the Mapping Session during the Mapping Week 5-11 Feb 2018

Organiser: Sally-Anne Kaser

NIGERIA-Port Harcourt
Organiser: Paul Visigah

ARGENTINA – Buenos Aires
Organiser: Pablo Benavides

Organiser: Daniel Gómez

MEXICO – MexicoCity
Organiser: Ricardo Weigend

CHILE – Santiago
Organiser: Bernardita Mancilla

Organiser: Paulina Criollo/a>

Organiser: Chris Oestereich

Organiser: Vishal Kumar

Organiser: Pranav Khanna

Organiser: Marialine Verdickt

DENMARK – Copenhagen
Organiser: Anna Queralt Fuentes

FRANCE – Lille
Organiser: Alex Lemille

GEORGIA – Tbilisi
Organiser: Mariam Zabakhidze

LUXEMBOURG- Luxembourg
Organiser: Romain Poulles

SPAIN – Madrid
Organiser: Patricia Perez Masegosa

SPAIN – Valencia
Organiser: Pilar Martinez

POLAND – Warsaw
Organiser: Katarzyna Barc

SWEDEN – Östersund
Organiser: Maja Blomqvist

UK – Brighton & Hove
Organiser: Peter Desmond

UK – London
Organisers: David Greenfield & Linda O’Halloran

Organiser: Brendon Rowen

Organiser: Catherine Weetman

Organiser: Katie Thomas

Organiser: Lynda Daniels & Anita Potten

Organiser: Richard James MacCowen

If we all map our cities, together we can map the world.