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Chic Shanghai. Innovative Future Inspiring Endless Possibility

Taking the initiative in the change and confronting the future with enterprise. An increasing number of first-class enterprises are keeping abreast with innovation and change, marching forward courageously. Between 15-17 March, CHIC 2017 (Spring) will take place in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) with an exhibition area of 107,200 ㎡. A total of 1213 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions will meet in CHIC including those from Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Britain, Spain, Peru, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Mainland China, Chinese Hong Kong, Chinese Macao, Chinese Taiwan and so on. It will be a grand meeting collecting picked brands and global industry chain resources, demonstrating the splendid chapter of innovation in clothing.

New Look: No Fickleness, Only Innovation

Driven by consumption upgrade and technological progress, the Chinese clothing industry begins to exert its inherent nature of marketization and perseverance. New innovators will show their talent this year among the nine specialized exhibition pavilions in CHIC which consist with New Look, Prestige, Secret Stars, Heritage, Superior Factory, The Unit, Kid's Paradise, Impulses, Fashion Journey, as well as four Show-in-Shows—— CHIC-Young Blood, PH Value, Shanghai International Bags Leather Handbags Exhibition, Preview in China.

Heading Innovation with CHIC. More than a thousand of exhibitors will appear at CHIC, covering the most powerful and dynamic clothing brands with potential, intelligent manufacturing enterprises, industry clusters and resources providers. Their creativity, innovative products, new retail, model, technology, craft and manufacturing will shine the front edge of the industry, as well as combination between technology and fashion, profiling each endeavor in comprehensive innovation from the Chinese clothing industry.

Rejecting fickleness but remain pragmatism. The industry leading men's wear enterprises like RUYI, HODO, Saint Angelo will gather in CHIC again, returning to the nature of a product, defining the market niche, clarifying core competitiveness, ensuring intensive and meticulous cultivation with strategic thinking; Women's wear exhibition area will welcome more aesthetic brands with perseverance and pragmatism. Not only can you find embroidery from Mingrui, Guangdong and gowns with gold and silver dragons and phoenix embroidered with real silk, but you can also find fashion brands featured with combined elements of east oriental culture together with Europe and America.

New Prospect: Broaden the Vision and Develop Unlimited Ideas

The Chinese clothing industry copes with change by change. CHIC’s nine specialized exhibition pavilions and four Show-in-Shows will cover a wide range of product categories, refined and quality brands, to lead innovative ideas and new measures in fashion, technology and manufacturing.

CHIC2017 (Spring) has an acute sense of modern life as always: New Look will present a full category of selected products within women’s wear; Prestige is featured with versatile fashion, taking exquisite lifestyle to males. The inclusive Secret Stars will embody different distinctions of brands; Kid's Paradise infused with kid's life concept will create a grand feast for brands; Impulses focus on selected individual original brands and designer products from home and abroad, promoting conversion from creativity to "business"; CHIC-Young Blood will converge abundant uninhibited sparks of thought, to make a wave of personalized consumption.

As a much more mature and multi-functional platform, CHIC has become a great world for brands and culture.However, CHIC is much more than that - wisdom, technology, innovative thinking …… CHIC is the place with endless possibilities.

"Heritage" will be a gorgeous feast collecting premium leather and fur products from home and abroad, down feather enterprises, authoritative institutions. It’s more than a gathering place of the national industry elites and has attracted first-class leather & fur exhibition groups from Turkey organized by ITKIB once again. What’s more, Heritage Pavilion has also announced a partnership with Fur Excellence Athens (FEA) from Greece

"Supplier" brands in the Superior Factory will display their varied service system comprising fast response, micro supply, flexible production; The Unit will present creative elements of the industry which are definitely sharp weapons to increase service quality, efficiency and soft power of an enterprise.

More than 300 international fashion brands will have their presence in the Fashion Journey area, showing a spectacular landscape of global fashion brands. In order to meet the changing needs of the Chinese market, overseas brands will include more diverse product categories. Besides clothing, brands associated with fashion accessories, shoes, bags and umbrellas will also have their presence on CHIC. These overseas brands have excellent design capability that is able to bring to the Chinese market new products with higher quality and outstanding clothing patterns. They are learning about the fast change of the Chinese market via CHIC, which is an approach for them to adjusting market strategy.

New Future: Think Tank, Coping with Change by Change

CHIC has always been a stage for innovators. Their innovation centered on products, service and business models reflecting the endeavor and enterprise of the Chinese clothing industry which has evolved from big to large and is developing from large to strong.

Here on CHIC, you can find innovative products featured with cultural creativity: the shoes brand Carti has managed to build the first Chinese intelligent-wear series——high-heeled shoes that can change heels. It's a breakthrough in high-heeled shoes which allow a wearer to flexibly adjust the height of heels to ease pressure around feet. The designer brand Jack One will surpass conventions and display their hand-painted fashion products. Shi Jie&Janique will present their pieces with a perfect match of the Chinese ink painting and calligraphic art, showing the unique quintessence from the oriental art.

Here on CHIC, you can find creative service with new ideas and technology: Zunke bespoke brand focuses on meticulous tailored service which is composed of 360 processes; the kid's bespoke brand Piccolo Re undertakes the essence of "Hong Band tailors" originated from Ningbo. Their design products are combined with Italian style, which makes up the gap of high-end custom-made kid's suits in Asia; Liburui provides services including weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, ready-made clothes. Their exquisite techniques will open up a new world of design for designers.

Here on CHIC, you will see the whole industry chain, the complete societal production mechanism, transition of enterprise value logic, new business models to achieve a win-win situation: Saint Angelo is building the wedding celebration project and intelligent startup platform for tailors with the help of the experience economy and platform economy; ROMON adopts the new model of "full distribution and return" to strengthen the brand; RUYI Group targets at high-end market and they has completed their transition from manufacturing service provider to a full-industry-chain service provider; PACLANTIC focuses on technology and possesses a custom-made platform for school uniforms.

Meanwhile, many concurrent events will take place to interpret the meaning of innovation during CHIC. Chuang Chuang·CHIC2017 China Fashion Business Forum (Spring) will take "Optimizing Supply Chains and Accessing to Cloud -Intelligent Manufacturing " as its theme to discuss hot topics including channel revolution, fashion trends, new consumption needs, new technology and so on to analyze the development of existing and future clothing industry by industry insiders from home and abroad; There will be 25 brand release events during CHIC to present quality dynamic of national and overseas superior fashion brands, enabling visitors to experience the cutting-edge fashion trends in this early Spring via the diverse business and trade functions of CHIC.

In addition, CHIC2017 (Spring) will continue to establish the communication and cooperative bridge between exhibitors and trade visitors and build a brand-new exhibition atmosphere for visitors via the comprehensive service system, pragmatic associated events and professional exhibition partners. CHIC2017 (Spring) will launch the "one to one" precise trade-matching service as well - buyers, enterprises, distributors who have trade and business needs can match precisely with corresponding core exhibitors. It's a way to increase efficiency for trade visitors and help them accomplish business discussion and cooperation in the shortest time.

In this March, CHIC2017 (Spring), working concurrently with China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (Intertextile), China International Trade Fair for Textiles and Accessories, Yarn Expo, PH Value will be representing the integration of the whole industry chain and present the clear structure of textiles and fashion.