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Mirage Bulgarien



Mirage is a family owned business committed to the highest production quality of apparel for some of the exclusive designer brands in Europe.
- Founded in 1989; More than 25 years experience with fashion brands in Europe.
- Continuity in people’s skills and management leadership.
- Medium-size business with flexible and transparent structure – optimized for production from small to medium-large collections.
- Founders and leading staff with 30+ years of experience in Textile, Garments, and Apparel.
We manufacture:
- Entire spectrum of women’s outer garments,
- Men coats and jackets,
- Baby and junior clothes.

We work closely with our client’s from end-to-end; on seasonal planning, sourcing of materials, throughout the production phase, right to the delivery of the apparel. We have built up our working organization in all these phases of production, and extended our business in the transportation of clothing. We support our partners in their decisions, and permit ample scope for them to focus on their design creativity and end customers.

As a medium-sized family run business we strive to adapt, and preserve our focus on producing high quality apparel differentiating ourselves from many in a world where bigger, faster, cheaper are the dominant factors. We are convinced in the future of design and art in apparel as a medium of expressing individuality, style, and vision. And we support visualizing these expressions through our manufacturing technology, and our commitment to quality of fabrics and apparel. We, at Mirage, support our client’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and style and opt to be part of a story much more enriched than anything mass produced.